How to add a logo to your website?

How to add a logo to your website?

Access the Component Builder

1. Select the website you wish to edit and go to the Component Builder.

Create a Top navigation bar component

1. Under built-in, search for Navigation bar and copy the preferred style to your components.

Search for 'Navigation bar' in the component builder
Copy to your components

2. Go back to the Yours tab and under Logo, add an image and/or a URL. Save to finalise changes made.

Adding a logo to the navigation bar

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where should I put my logo on my website?

Placing your logo on the top left of your website is the most common practice. As most people browse from left to right, when your logo is placed at the top left, it helps visitors quickly identify which website they are visiting when they first land.

However, placing the logo on the centre or right-hand side is also seen on some websites. Ultimately, it is up to your preference on how you want to style your website.


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