How to verify ownership of your site with Google?

How to verify ownership of your site with Google?

So, what is the Google verification process like? If you own a Konigle website, verification can be done in 6 simple steps!

Add property to GSC

1. From your Google Search Console, click ‘Add property’.

Adding property on Google Search Console

2. Select ‘URL prefix’ and paste your website's URL into the space. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Selecting property type on Google Search Console

Obtain HTML file

1. Download the Google site verification HTML file to be uploaded. And in a separate tab, head over to your Konigle admin.

HTML file download for Google Search Console

Upload HTML file to Konigle

1. Select the website you wish to edit and go to the Home folder.

2. Under Site Verification, upload the HTML file downloaded in Step 3 in the Google section.

Site verification with Google

3. Go back to the Google verification tab and click ‘Verify’. Your site is now verified with Google!

Verify if HTML file is successfully uploaded
Successful verification of your Konigle site.

Verify your site with other search engines / SEO platform

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Google site verification?

Google site verification is a process to prove you own a website. It acts like a digital handshake between you and Google.

Why is Google verification important?

Firstly, it strengthens your account's security by adding an extra layer of confirmation during sensitive actions.

Next, Google Search Console (unlocked through verification) offers valuable SEO insights like crawl errors, backlinks, and search performance.

Lastly, Verifying your website with Google Search Console can display a site verification badge in search results.

Find out more about Google Site Verification here.


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