How to add a statistics component to your website?

How to add a statistics component to your website?

Access the Component Builder

1. Select the website you wish to edit and go to the component builder

Access your website admin
Accessing the component builder

Create a Statistics component

1. Under the built-in tab, search for statistics.

4 different styles of Statistics components available

2. Copy the desired style to your components.

Copying the component to yours

3. Go to the Yours tab to edit the copied component. Save after you're done.

  • Component name
  • Title, subtitle, and description
  • Statistics (you can add a link behind each stat if you want to)
Editing the stats component

Add a Statistics component to your website

1. Exit the component builder and go to a folder you wish to add the stats component to. In this guide, we will be adding the component to the landing page. Go to the home folder to change design.

Access the home folder
Changing the design of your landing page

2. Drag and drop the component and save it to add it to your landing page.

Page builder drag-and-drop interface


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