Frequently Asked Questions

If it's your first time building a website, consider using Konigle, a zero-code A.I. website builder platform suitable for beginners.

Try Konigle's A.I website builder! Just let TimBL AI know the information of the website you wish to build, and everything will be done for you.

In Singapore, hiring someone to build a website can range from S$500 to S$50,000 or more.

The main factors affecting the cost are:

Website complexity: A simple one-page site is much cheaper than a full e-commerce store with custom features.
Experience and location: Freelance developers might charge less than established agencies.

That depends on your needs! Here's a breakdown:

Basic website (S$1,500-S$5,000): Perfect for a simple online presence with minimal features.
Small business website (S$2,000–S$10,000): ideal for showcasing services, portfolios, and capturing leads.
E-commerce website (S$5,000+): accommodates online selling with secure payment gateways and product management.

This is just a ballpark figure. Consider your budget and website goals to find the right fit. If you require assistance, reach out to us!